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#AmericanViral @NYTVF2012

Shandor Garrison, Jennifer Suhr, and myself wrote and created “American Viral“, an independent comedy pilot starring Michael Showalter (Stella, Wet Hot American Summer), Zandy Hartig (Childrens Hospital, Wainy Days), Griffin Newman (Political Animals), and Daniel Flaherty (Hope Springs, Skins). Synopsis: Years after the fame of his son’s viral video hit (“My Balls, My Balls”), a father uses any means necessary to recapture America’s heart… even if that means kidnapping his own child.

We premiered this last week at the New York Television Festival and took home the Best Actress award for Zandy Hartig!

Many thanks to Executive Director Terence Gray and his team for such a fantastically run and artist friendly festival. Also, for pairing us with our screening buddies Ted Tremper and the “Shrink” team (Best Comedy and Critics Award)! A successful week in independent television, met many fabulous artists, and screened work that was conceived over a year ago–quite rewarding.



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