Feature Film, “Good Enough” 2016
Written and Directed by AnnaRose King
Executive Producers: Jennifer Suhr and Shane Sigler
Director of Photography: Shane Sigler
Produced by Carolyn Mao and AnnaRose King
Edited by Yianna Dellatolla and Emily Gumpel Clifton

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Web Series, “American Viral” 2014
Created, Written, and Directed by Shandor Garrison, AnnaRose King, and Jennifer Suhr
Executive Producers: Michael Showalter, Michael Pielocik, Carolyn Mao
Director of Photography: Pedro Gomez-Milan
Produced by Carolyn Mao, American Viral LLC, and Unbundled Underground
Edited by Jennifer Suhr

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Episode 8 “Answering Machine, 1971” of the Web Series “Retrograde” 2014
Written by AnnaRose King
The Scene on Conde Nast Entertainment for Wired Magazine

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Short Film “Spanish Rice” 2013
Starring Harry Ford & Sofiya Akilova
Written, Directed, and Edited by AnnaRose King
Produced by Alex Keyes
Director of Photography: Isabella Wing-Davey
Sound: Jesse Flaitz

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“Waspy…or Gay” of the Web Series “Kat & Eis” 2013
Starring and Created by Kat & Eis
Written by Kathryn Dine & Eiseley Tauginas
Directed by AnnaRose King
Edited by Michael Feldman
Director of Photography: Christine Ng
Sound: Jesse Flaitz

Independent Comedy Pilot, “American Viral” 2012
Official Selection at New York Television Festival 2012 and Best Actress Award for Zandy Hartig.
Created by: Shandor Garrison, AnnaRose King, and Jennifer Suhr.
Executive Producers: Shandor Garrison, and Geoff Mansfield
Writers: Shandor Garrison, AnnaRose King, and Jennifer Suhr
Directors: Ed Barnes, Eunice Yau, Adriana Cepeda, and Greg Lemaire

Season 2 Episode 7: “The Scene Partner” of the Web Series “The Actress” 2011
“The Actress” is a dark comedy about acting. Episode premiered 01/02/12.
Starring and Created by Ann Carr
Written by Ann Carr & Warren Holstein
Directed by AnnaRose King
Edited by Claudia Lopez
Director of Photography: Kristina Nikolova
Sound: Brantley Jones

Narrative short dramedy, “Crystal Sessions” 2011
Received audience award at 20th Annual Woods Hole Film Festival in Massachusetts; Official Selection at Maryland International Film Festival in Hagerstown, Maryland.
Starring Megan Ketch and Clea Alsip
Writer/Director: AnnaRose King
Editor: Sara Shaw
Director of Photography: Pedro Gomez-Milan
Editor: Claudia Lopez
Production Designer: Sila Karakaya
Art Director: Irakly Avaliani

Narrative short comedy, “Stood Up” 2010
A young woman  goes to extremes to win over her comedian crush.
Official Selection Brooklyn Short Film Festival and Charleston International Film Festival.
Starring Jenny Strassburg and Nate Dern
Writer/Director/Editor: AnnaRose King
Director of Photography: ManSee Kong
Production Designer: Nell Tivnan
Producers: Shiva Bajpai and Jacob Robinson

Documentary, “Tigger!” 2009
Coup de Coeur at Cannes Short Film Corner 2010
Portrait of a “boy-lesque” (male burlesque) dancer by night and a librarian by day to pay bills go-go dancing can’t cover.
Director: AnnaRose King

Documentary, “An Unprotecting Veil” 2008
Occidental College, Diplomacy and World Affairs Department Senior Comprehensive Project Award 2008
Explores the mass sexual harassment incident of Eid al-Fitr 2006 in downtown Cairo, Egypt. Women (veiled and unveiled) were chased down the street by hordes of young men. Film follows Egyptian bloggers who broke the story, government denial of incident, and strategies of women’s organizations on how to alleviate and cope with the problem of harassment.


Narrative Short, “Candlesticks” 2011
Official Selection Citizen Jane Festival 2012
Produced by AnnaRose King, Isabella Wing-Davey, and Geoff Mansfield
Director Isabella Wing-Davey.
Director of Photography Mike Rosetti
Executive Producer Andy Elton, Mark Wing-Davey, Anita Carey
Associate Producer Philip Seymour Hoffman, Stephen Adly Gurguis, Christina Pierre

Narrative Short, “Raju” 2012
SF Int’l Asian American Film Festival 2011. Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market 2011.
Starring Samrat Chakrabarti and featuring Judy Marte, Paul Calderon, and Delaney Williams.
Produced by Samina Akbari and AnnaRose King
Writer/Director Shiva Bajpai
Director of Photography Rob Leitzel